●その際 印鑑、口座が分かるものをご持参ください。
●The opening ceremony of April 7 (Tue) will be carried out as previously updated.
We will be closed on 8th (Wed) and 9th (Thursday).
Fill out the 7th and 8th of chibacity-azukari-mushoka.- Please come to azukari-hoikusitsu by 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock on both days.
Please bring your seal and account with you.
The album delivery of the 8th (Wed) will be carried out as scheduled. Please come in the morning.
For the 10th (Fri) admission ceremony is as updated last time.

Childcare will be updated at a later date from Monday, March 13.We will also decide on azukari-hoiku in the case of the school holiday at a later date.
There is a possibility of various changes in the future. Please check the website frequently.

・降園時刻 1130


・道具箱等の荷物を下記の日に持たせてください。年長 48()  年中 49()

★入園式 410() 10時開始

The opening ceremony and entrance ceremony will be held as scheduled. Check the body temperature, cough, taste and sense of smell of the whole family, including children.
★ Opening Ceremony April 7 (Tue)
There is no parental participation.
End time 11:30
Buses run on the way back in the morning.
★ April 8 (Wed) - 10 (Fri)
・On April 8th (Wed) and 9 (Thu), we will hold a childcare at 11:30 a.m.
Buses run as usual.
Please come to the park on Tuesday, April 7 and Wednesday, April 8.
Please have your luggage, such as a tool box, on the following day. Senior April 8 (Wed. ) April 9 (Thu)
★ Entrance Ceremony April 10 (Fri) 10 o'clock
・One child and a guardian will participate in the ceremony.
I think that there is a change of the schedule in the future, so please check it on the info&bus site every day.